Anonymous: I think so many people find you so attractive is because in comparison with most girls with tattoos and body modifications beneath that they're very basic and average looking but because it's 'fashionable' right now if you've got a tattoo a guy will be happy to shag it. But you would still be beautiful completely natural, beautiful whatever. You're intelligent and extremely interesting and don't follow trends to impress guys. So sick of all these basic bitches. Stay golden.

Thank you so much, it’s nice to hear you have such a high opinion of me

 ^ x ^

Anonymous: would you ever get a stick and poke tattoo?

nah you’re alright.

Anonymous: Do you have kik?


Re-watching lost and it is still by a landslide the best thing that has ever graced my television.

Nothing is as addictive, I feel pained waiting between each episode even though I’ve seen it all before.